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Dr. Ryan Peterson

Dr. Ryan Peterson - Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Empathy, compassion & a genuine desire to help
From the moment that I met Dr. Peterson, I immediately felt safe. I was greeted with nothing but empathy, compassion & a genuine desire to help. Dr. Peterson is extremely patient in understanding any concerns & issues that I may have regarding not only my physical health, but also the possible underlying factors. Unfortunately, it can be a rarity to find a doctor with such a true willingness to address health issues at the root of their cause & not only treat the symptoms. I can honestly say that at [my age], I feel like I am in the best shape of my life & I owe a huge part of that to Dr. Peterson & his guidance throughout my process of healing. I would highly recommend Dr. Peterson to anyone that is seeking ways to heal & achieve their optimal level of health. And I can promise that you will not only be greeted with an incredible amount of solution-oriented knowledge, but also a warm & loving embrace. Thank you Dr. Peterson!
Don S.

Caring and kind
I have never had a Dr like Dr. Peterson. He is so caring and kind. He listens to what you're going through and takes time to figure out what's best for you. He really has his patients best interest at heart. I've been seeing Dr. Peterson for almost 2 years and there is no other Dr. I would go to. He makes me feel heard and cared for. Absolutely one of kind and Amazing!!
Lauren G.

The most wonderful and caring doctor
Dr. Peterson is honestly the most wonderful and caring doctor that one can only wish for! The amount of ACTUAL CARE provided by him goes above and beyond what one could only imagine.
When first meeting him, it is extremely comforting to be spoken to as an actual patient. Those who have been searching for a doctor know how it feels to be treated as a number with an insurance policy and I must say that he is the complete opposite. His knowledge and experience with a wide variety of health issues definitely eased my anxiety about finding the right doctor who I can trust! I feel as if he is one of the only doctors I have visited that treated me not only as a patient, but as an individual person. My experience with him has always been amazing. I have never felt judged or rushed and I have been able to bring up my concerns without hesitation. I love and trust him as my doctor so much that I continue to recommend my family and friends to see him first, and we are all proud to say that there are absolutely no regrets!
Anthony D.

I trust him wholeheartedly
Dr. Peterson is one of the most amazing doctors/persons/humans I have ever been lucky enough to meet. The utmost care and genuine attentiveness he brings to every one of his patients is admirably worthy. I don't know one person I wouldn't recommend to him as I know he treats each and every patient with the same love and respect. I trust him wholeheartedly, and I don't use that word (trust) lightly. He has helped me in so many ways and has definitely improved my quality of life. *Thank you Dr. P, for always having a huge smile on your face and always making me feel like I have been heard! :)
Kathryne H.

Extremely intelligent
Dr Peterson is by far one of the nicest and most genuine people I have met in my life. He's such a caring person, extremely intelligent, and is willing to help you with whatever problems you may be having. It was truly a blessing having him help me through this past year. Would recommend him a million times over.
Andrew D.

Dr. Ryan is the best!
Dr. Ryan is the best! You're in good hands! I can't imagine going to anyone else to help guide me through this healing process. Unlike other doctors I have seen, he took the time to thoroughly explain my condition and the right course of action to take. He is professional & I feel 100% confident in his abilities. I am so grateful for Dr. Ryan Peterson!
Brianna D.

Hands down the best!
I have had the honor of knowing Dr Peterson for a few years now, and he is one of the most compassionate souls I know. Dr Peterson has helped me not only with anything medical related, but continuously offers support and ensures my comfort. Hands down the best!

1000% recommend him
Doctor Ryan Peterson is truly a master of his craft. I have recommended him to many friends and family. I have never met a doctor that was this committed to ensuring his patients were feeling their best. When one thing does not work he will persist on finding an alternative solution. Under his care you can feel the compassion and dedication that this man has for his job. I am forever grateful for his services and would 1000% recommend him to anyone seeking pain management!
Gerardo A.

He saved my life
Dr. Peterson is one of the most kindest doctors I've had the pleasure of meeting. I was an addict for 23 years and found myself at my wits end. I was completely broken not only mentally but physically and emotionally as well. I was in dark and seemingly hopeless place which I believed there was no escaping. Then I was introduced to Dr. Peterson and that's when my life changed. Not only did he save my life, but he did not judge me and always made me feel like a real person....not a hopeless addict. His knowledge and encouragement is amazing. He helped me not only medically but also and MOST IMPORTANTLY showed me unconditional love at a time where I did not have any amount of love for myself. If you want to be seen by the best, And have your life truly impacted Dr Peterson is the doctor for you.
Barbie D.

Helpful & knowledgeable
Great MD! He answered all my questions and helped manage my pain. The staff is great as well! They made me feel comfortable and were all very helpful & knowledgeable. I personally recommend Dr. Peterson.
Carlos V.

Loving bedside manor
Dr. Peterson is a amazing Dr., his loving bedside manor is not to be compared. His medical knowledge is superb. I absolutely love this man. I think anyone who chooses to see him will not be sorry!! I just Love him!
Lisa G.

10/10 would recommend!
Dr. Peterson is one of the kindest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. His bedside manner is unparalleled in my experience, he has always made me feel heard and more importantly understood. Plus, he really knows his stuff! 10/10 would recommend!
Todd M.

Knowledgeable, sensitive, informative
Dr. Peterson is the best pain management doctor there is in all of California! He is terrific! He's very understanding and listens to your concerns. Knowledgeable, sensitive, informative.. I immediately felt at ease, and felt confident in receiving expert medical care. Staff was great, too. I walked away very impressed with the over all experience. He is very kind and patient. I am very grateful for him. HIGHLY recommend. I would rate him x1000 stars if I could!
Kimberly N.

Goes above and beyond
Dr. Peterson goes above and beyond to compassionately work alongside his patients to develop a treatment plan that best suits them. Whether it be dealing with pain management and/or addiction treatment Dr. Peterson will help you through your road to recovery. He certainly is a physician you can trust as he isn't afraid to show immense love and respect for those under his care.
Vince D.

Caring and compassionate
I met Dr. Peterson in 2016. He is one of the best doctor I have ever experienced. He's caring and compassionate. He's easy to talk to and he's not afraid to tell you hard truth. I'm glad he's in my life.
Anthony W.

Dr. Peterson is so amazing
Dr. Peterson is so amazing. He always makes sure I am well taken care of. Plus he gives the best hugs and a doctor that truly cares is a doctor that best treats you.
Marco V.

Outstanding physician
Dr Peterson is an outstanding physician. Not only is he a charismatic and kind person, but I trust his medical expertise which has served me and many of his patients well. I would highly recommend Dr. Peterson if you are looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate, and distinct physician.
Edward M.

Very attentive
Dr. Peterson is the best! I would definitely recommend. You are in great hands he was very attentive to all my questions and concerns and made sure to help me understand all my options. Thank you Dr. Peterson for everything you do!
Leilani V.

The BEST doctor I've ever seen
Dr Peterson is by far the BEST doctor I've ever seen. He is very caring and truly cares about the well being of all his patients. I highly recommend Dr Peterson.
Lisa J.

Kind, understanding, and professional
Dr Peterson is truly an amazing physician! He is extremely kind, understanding, and professional He has gone above and beyond his job to help me each time I have seen him. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Becky B.

Love love love
Hands down best Dr. I have ever encountered. He is so caring and thoughtful. I trust him whole heartedly with all of my healthcare needs. He always goes out of his way to make sure you are super comfortable and cared for. Would recommend him to anyone!!!! Love love love Dr. Peterson.
Ivy F.

Extremely empathetic
Dr Peterson is one of the kindest, most sincere doctors I have ever encountered. He really cares about his patients and is extremely empathetic. Sometimes doctors have terrible bedside manner, but not Dr. Peterson- and when he takes care of you or is talking with you, you know he has your best interest at heart. Thank you Dr Peterson.
Bonnie P.

Makes you feel super comfortable
I have been experiencing back pain and Dr. Peterson has helped me to feel better! He listens to his patients and makes you feel super comfortable during your time there! I would definitely recommend his 100%!!!
Alexis P.

Very knowledgeable doctor
Very knowledgeable doctor. I would recommend Dr. Peterson. Him and his staff are great and go above and beyond providing care.
Vanessa A.

Pain free
A great doctor and highly recommended. He helped me become pain free after months and months of sleepless nights. Such a caring and compassionate doctor i hope many others can be guided towards his services.
Its C.

Helpful & knowledgeable
Amazing MD he has helped me manage my chronic pain I've been dealing with for years. Im able to go back to doing things I couldn't do before. The staff is amazing very helpful & knowledgeable.
Veronica M.

Attentive and patient
Dr. Peterson and the staff are beyond amazing! I've been coming here for years and always leave with such great experience! The crew is so attentive and patient. Dr. Peterson Is brilliant! He is extremely KNOWLEDGABLE! I enjoy my visits so much, that I drive a looooong way to see him. Thank you Dr. Peterson for helping me live a little more pain free!
Maricela S.

He truly cares
I grew up in a medical family...I have been around doctors my entire life. I say that to emphasize how incredible Dr. Peterson truly is. I have never met a more compassionate person, much less doctor. He is incredible knowledgeable, explains everything, he is your advocate, he truly cares. The impact he's made in my life is tremendous. His resume far exceeds your average doctor. My mother...looked at his background and was big time impressed. That's rare with her. Book the appt, he's the best.
John P.

5 stars hands down!
I love this man. Smart, Compassionate and Caring! 5 stars hands down!
Michael S.

Best pain management specialist
Dr. Peterson is the best pain management specialist I've ever been to. I've been to plenty others before I finally found Dr. Peterson. He was the only pain management specialist that exceeded my expectations, and have been seeing him continuously for years. I'm so grateful for him.
Nayelie A.

Best doctor ever
Best doctor ever. If I could recommend everybody I will. He will answer all your questions and concerns most of all he will ease all your pain. Just how he helped me on many occasions. Please try to get referred here.
Monica D.

I am so happy to have found his office
Visited Dr. Peterson after being referred due to an unimaginable pain occurring on my left knee. After visiting many doctors and no remedy to alleviate the pain, Dr Peterson was able to help! Since his visit, the pain had begun to minimize and I am so happy to have found his office.
Muriel M.

Absolutely amazing
Dr. Peterson is absolutely amazing. He has a way of communicating and tailoring treatment to meet his patients' needs.
Jutarat V.

Takes his time with his patients
Excellent Dr. that really takes his time with his patients and makes sure you are feeling well and have everything you need. Thank you Dr. Peterson!
S. G.

Compassion, attentiveness and knowledge
Dr Peterson is a one in a billion Dr. His level of compassion, attentiveness and knowledge is far beyond any other doctor I've met. It is such a relief to know there are doctors out there holding the standard so high!!!
Danny S.

Bed side manner is amazing
Such a great doctor. His patient care and bed side manner is amazing!
Emily M.

Made me feel extremely comfortable
Dr. Peterson is the best. Level of care of Dr. Peterson and his staff made me feel extremely comfortable.
Cesar A.

One of my all-time favorite people on the planet
Dr. Peterson is one of my all-time favorite people on the planet, not to mention the best doctor I've ever met. His compassion, knowledgeability and dedication to providing the best care possible to his clients is truly unparalleled, in addition to his unmatched humor, vibrance and pure optimism. I could never doubt or second-guess his recommendations or instincts, and I trust him wholeheartedly to manage my healthcare needs. You should too.
Mason M.

Gracious caring person
Dr. Peterson is a gracious caring person who listens to to my concerns and offers solutions that are in my best interest.
Paul J.

Incredibly sweet and caring doctor
Incredibly sweet and caring doctor! Not only that, but he is also very knowledgeable in his practice and will talk you through every step of your treatment plan. He does not try to rush you out of the office and truly cares about his patients feeling comfertable. I wish he specialized in BBLs because I'd go to him for that too!
Emily J.

Beyond amazing
Dr. Peterson and the staff are beyond amazing! The crew is so attentive and patient. He will answer all your questions and concerns most of all he will ease all your pain. Just how he helped me on many occasions!!!
Maria P.

Always on time for appointments
Best doctor ever have visited multiple times. And has always helped me with what I need. Extremely friendly and always on time for appointments.
Donner R.

Doctor Peterson Rocks!
Truly one of the most empathetic and caring providers I've ever come across. DOCTOR PETERSON ROCKS!!!!!!!
Brianna P.

Best Doctor

Eternally grateful
Dr. Peterson has single handily helped me manage and control my chronic pain. I suffered for 10+ years, bouncing from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist until I found Dr. Peterson. Over the course of the last couple years he's personalized and shaped a pain management program directly to my needs and my goals. I used to be unable to walk more than half a mile, and last summer I was able to take a 10 day trip to Europe where I walked an average of 25,000 steps a day! I'll be eternally grateful I was able to find him, and I recommend him to anyone who's in pain!
Michael W.

Best doctor
Love Dr. Peterson, one of the best doctors hands down!
Alejandra S.

Desire to really help
Dr. Peterson ur caring manner, ur true attentive spirit, ur desire to really help, ur patients is shown in so many ways and im so lucky to be one of those patient's.... Ive seen my share of doctors unfortunately but u my kind sir or top of my list for one of the best docs i know.... Thank u for always being there to truly help me if there were more doctors in the world that were even half as good as u, our health care system would be alot better off!!!!
Jenny N.

Amazing and caretaking nature
Amazing and caretaking nature!! A big smile goes a long way!
Brandi M.

The Best At His Practice
I do NOT know how to Thank Dr. R. PETERSON enough. I have been struggling with my lower back since age of 17 and finally I met him 2016 and it was a life changing decision to trust his practice. And he got hands of an angel, didn't even feel the needles. Thanks a million Dr. PETERSON. Best Regards.
Faith B.

A-List Doctor
Dr. Ryan Peterson has been treating me for 3 years now. He is the only doctor that can get me out of pain and back on feet at work. I am a hair dresser for over 20 years. My back has seen better days. I would follow this man off of a cliff to see him work his magic.
Charlet M.

Great Doctor
Dr. Peterson is awesome! I have ben struggling with pain for many, many years and for as young as I am (28) there really should not be a specific reason for it. He is so understanding, he takes his time with his appointments and is very willing to explain what might be causing the pain. I have also had him do a few injections and he always takes the time to explain what exactly will happen and he does this at the "pre-op" appointment. He also has come to check on me and talk to me minutes before I have gone back for the actual procedure. He is very knowledgable, friendly and has excellent bedside manner. Great doctor if you are struggling with pain. Can't say enough great things!
Katelyn S.

The Best Pain Management Doctor
Dr. Peterson is simply the best pain management doctor I've been too. I hope he says with Azusa Pain Mgmt & Azusa Surgical centers.
Carol W.

Compassionate Physician
I have worked alongside Dr Peterson as well as consulted him on several cases. He is one of the most compassionate physicians I have met. He truly cares for his patients and works at finding the best treatment plan to manage their particular medical need. He is both extremely personable and highly skilled as a physician. He is a pleasure to know and work with.
Renee P.

Best Pain Doctor In The Valley
I have been seeing Dr. Peterson for 2 years now and he has shown me numerous exercises to manage my pain. I highly recommend him!!
Josh L.