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Dr. Ryan Peterson

Cervical Facet Injection

What Is a Cervical Facet Injection?

Los Angeles based Pain Management Specialist, Dr. Ryan Peterson provides Cervical Facet Joint Injections by injecting a local anesthetic and/or steroid into the cervical facet joints causing pain in the neck, head, shoulder or arm. This minimally invasive, nonsurgical pain management treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure with few risks of complication.

Do I Need Cervical Facet Injections?

Your Cervical Facet Joints are located in pairs on the side/back of your neck. Their role is to guide motion in the spine and provide stability in your spine. These joints may become irritated, and therefore painful due to injury, arthritis, and/or stress on the joints. If you've been suffering from neck, shoulder, head, or arm pain and do not know what is causing it, you should be seen by a physician, who can advise you as to the next steps. If you are diagnosed with irritation of the Cervical Facet Joints, you may be a candidate for Cervical Facet Joint Injections in Los Angeles.

How Long Will It Take to Get Relief from Pain in My Shoulder, Neck, and Arm?

Cervical Facet Joint Injections generally provide short-term relief from pain immediately, on account of the numbing agent (anesthesia). The anesthesia will generally wear off quickly, but many men and women in Los Angeles will feel additional relief from pain within a few days, as the steroid (anti-inflammatory) medication begins to work. Cervical Facet Injections often provide pain relief for weeks to months, contingent upon the severity of your injury, or disc damage.

Are Cervical Facet Injections Safe?

Cervical Facet Injections offered by Los Angeles Pain Management Specialist, Dr. Ryan Peterson are considered low-risk, and complications from these procedures are rare.

How Many Cervical Facet Injections Will I Need?

Dr. Peterson will customize a Pain Management strategy to help you address the pain in your neck, shoulders, arms, or head, that will be unique to your needs. While some men and women experiencing pain from damage to the Cervical Facet Joints will only need one injection, others may benefit from a series of injections.

If you've been suffering from pain in your neck, shoulders, head, or arms as the result of an injury or damage to your Cervical Facet Joints, schedule a pain management consultant with Board Certified Pain Management Specialist, Dr. Peterson today. Dr. Peterson provides pain management services to patients throughout greater Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, and Pasadena. Contact our office today at 818-501-2001.